Oatfield Wind Farm has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála
See submitted application here

Ørsted is exploring the potential to develop a wind energy project in the Oatfield and Gortacullin areas, in county Clare.

The proposed Oatfield Wind Farm lies approximately 4km north-east of Sixmilebridge, 9.9km north of Limerick city, and 11.7km north-east of Shannon. We aim to construct up to 11 wind turbines across the site. We will be submitting a planning application for this wind farm to An Bord Pleanála in Winter 2023. It is envisaged that an application for planning permission for the proposed Oatfield Wind Farm project will be submitted directly to An Bord Pleanála as the project is of a scale to be deemed Strategic Infrastructure development (SID). Under current legislation, a wind farm project of scale is one capable of generating electricity in excess of 50 Mega Watts (MW), or containing greater than 25 wind turbines.

The development process at our proposed Oatfield Wind Farm site began in 2015 with the identification of an initial study area, as outlined in the below map. This study area encloses lands that could theoretically be suited for use in a wind farm development, provided landowner agreements are secured. Once this area was identified, an extensive programme of studies was (and continues to be) undertaken in order to identify constraints that would further reduce and refine this study area into the lands best suited for development. These studies form the basis of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and cover a range of topics including but not limited to biodiversity, local communities, water, soils, air and climate, noise, cultural heritage and landscape.
In conjunction with this comprehensive programme of environmental studies, landowners within the study area are engaged early on in the process. While it is generally our aim to secure as much suitable lands as possible, in order to maximise the benefits of the proposed development, sometimes landowners do not wish to progress with the development or may come to agreement with another renewable energy developer and we respect the decisions that people choose to make in these instances. As the Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy, we celebrate the role that other developers play in helping to achieve this vision.

We are aware of a separate wind farm proposal within some of the lands that we initially identified as our study area. We can confirm that this proposal, called Knockshanvo Wind Farm by developer FuturEnergy Ireland (FEI), a joint venture between Coillte and ESB, is a separate development that we do not have any involvement in. The Oatfield Wind Farm proposal from Ørsted is located on privately owned lands, while the Knockshanvo Wind Farm proposal from FEI is predominantly located on Coillte lands. Our Oatfield proposal will of course include an assessment of the Knockshanvo proposal in any environmental studies, so as to ensure that any potential cumulative and in-combination effects are carefully considered in our designs.

The site is undergoing an intensive programme of environmental investigations and surveys, which will help to inform final designs, in advance of our lodging of a planning application. While this progresses, we will be continuing to actively engage with the local communities surrounding the site.

Securing the future

With rising energy costs becoming a major issue for people in Ireland throughout their day-to-day lives, there are clear benefits to be seen in the development of an indigenous renewable energy resource, like here in Oatfield. This helps to secure Ireland’s independent future, by reducing our reliance on volatile and costly energy imports. Ørsted owns and operates 19 wind farms across Ireland providing 327MW of electricity to the national grid, with additional renewable projects in the construction and planning phases. The company is committed to helping Ireland to position itself as a modern, low-carbon country powered by a secure, local energy generation network.  


We seek to be good neighbours in the communities in which we develop, operate and repower projects. Engagement with the local community is a key activity for the project team. The project team will be meeting with the local community to ensure that information is made available and that queries are responded to in a transparent and efficient manner. A community engagement event will take place in early Autumn 2023. 


Here you can download documentation and resources that relate to this project.

Contact us

If you have any queries about the project, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Community Liaison Officers (CLO):

Aidan Stakelum: ASTAK@orsted.com, phone: 086 103 7437
Alan Barry: ALANB@orsted.com, phone: 086 103 0464

Alternatively, write to us at: 
Floor 5, City Quarter, Lapps Quay, Cork City, Cork, Ireland.