Onshore wind is an unlimited and renewable source of clean energy with a vital role to play in the global shift away from fossil fuels.

As a green energy leader, Ørsted partners with industry leaders to deliver cost-effective and environmentally sound onshore solutions that meet the growing demand for clean, renewable power.

We currently operate 2.1 GW of onshore wind assets across three US states, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, with projects under development in Scotland. Today, our onshore wind projects provide green energy to thousands of homes, while also creating jobs and opportunities in the local communities.

Our onshore wind farms

Ørsted’s onshore wind farms span the island of Ireland, generating 327 MW of green energy

Find out where they are, how long they’ve been in operation, how big they are, and how much power they generate – including our new onshore wind farms under construction or in development.

Advantages of renewable energy

Renewable energy brings huge benefits

Not only for the climate – also for the public health, and the global economy.