Facts about onshore wind

Learn about onshore wind, an unlimited and renewable source of clean energy.

Is onshore wind power reliable?

Onshore wind is a highly reliable energy source. Modern onshore wind turbines are so powerful and have such advanced engineering that they can generate clean energy, even when wind speeds seem low. 

Do onshore wind turbines pose a threat to birds? 

Well-sited wind farms have limited effects on birds. Onshore wind farms can pose potential risks to birds, but Ørsted does in-depth environmental assessments before building any new wind farms and uses cutting-edge technology to better understand the interaction between birds and turbines so that wind farms can be optimally sited. 

Do onshore wind farms harm tourism?

Onshore wind has become a major source of renewable energy across Europe over the last several decades. There is no evidence that the many onshore wind turbines now dotting rural landscapes put off tourists. On the contrary, many visitors express a positive feeling towards seeing the green transition in action.
What is offshore wind power?

What is onshore wind power?

Onshore wind power explained