Ørsted in the Community

The transition to green energy can achieve even more than reducing emissions. If we work together to build it in the right way, green energy can help create a more just and prosperous world, generating benefits for nature, society, and local communities.

Ørsted is dedicated to being an active partner in the communities where we develop, build, operate and own green energy assets. We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work and have set up Community Benefit Funds in accordance with the Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) Best Practice Principles in Community Engagement & Community Commitment guidelines.

Size of Fund 2024

Location of Funds

What we fund

We emphasise support to organisations that engage in:

  • Community Services
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Educational Programmes
  • Medical and health assistance

Ørsted will consider all requests for donations or funding. All requests will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Does the request come from a group that fits into our focus areas of community service, education, medical and health assistance or energy and sustainability?
  • Does the request come from a group that serves a population located in close proximity to a wind farm site? (Priority will be given to groups within a 5km radius)
  • Does the request come from a legally registered organisation with a track record of delivering services for which it is seeking funding?

Ørsted will not support:

  • Requests to support events that promote the use of alcohol, tobacco drugs or firearms
  • Requests to support events held in support of political parties, associations and candidates
  • Requests from for-profit organisations or for commercial entertainment events
  • Requests for anti-wind farm or anti-renewable energy activities
  • Requests to replace statutory funding
  • Requests to support individuals for their personal gain

How to apply 

Download an application form here

All proposals for community benefit funding must be received in writing. These can be posted or emailed. The proposal should outline the project details for which the funding will be used and include quotes and details of charitable status (if applicable). Proposals are evaluated by an internal committee and the Business Ethics Compliance team.
Ørsted requires an annual report on the progress a group has made with any funds that have been administered. This is required before a further application can be made.

Duration of funds

The duration of community benefit funding will be considered on a project-by-project basis. Funding shall commence in the first year of operation and continue for the lifetime of the project, which is approximately 25 years. Ørsted is not obliged to enter into an agreement with any one community group for the lifetime of the project and reserves the right to review on an annual basis.

Contact point 

E-mail: communitybenefitieuk@orsted.com  

Case Studies

  • When can I apply?
    The Community Benefit Funds are available for applications all year round. Our internal committee meet quarterly to evaluate applications as they are received.
  • When will I know if my application has been successful?
    You will receive a final decision from us within 4 months of receipt of application.
  • There is a wind farm visible from where I live, but other parishes or townlands are closer by. Can I still apply?
    Yes, you are still welcome to apply. Communities closer to the wind farm will have priority but if funding is available, we will always do our best to support community development.
  • How much can I apply for?
    Feel free to include the full cost of your project. If your application is approved, we will support with as much funding as we have available.
  • How much detail should I include in my application?
    Please include as much detail as you can. Where possible, including quotes and pictures helps to speed up the process as less questions arise from applications.