Kilgarvan Repower

Kilgarvan Repower

Ørsted is in the process of developing a new renewable energy proposal to repower the existing Kilgarvan I and Kilgarvan II (Inchincoosh and Lettercannon) wind farms.

The site is located in Co. Kerry, approximately 7km north-east of Kilgarvan village and approximately 7.5km west of Coolea, Co. Cork.
Kilgarvan I has been in commercial operation since 2007 and Kilgarvan II since 2009. Collectively, these existing wind farms comprise 28 turbines, with an installed capacity of 77.5MW.

It is expected that the repower proposal will include up to 16 turbines, replacing the existing 28 turbines with modern, higher capacity and more efficient generators. Over the coming months, the site will be subject to an intensive programme of environmental investigations and surveys, which will help to inform final designs, in advance of our lodging of a planning application. While this progresses, we will be continuing to actively engage with the local communities surrounding the site. For more information on this, see our Community page.

What do Ørsted do?

The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen and green fuels facilities, and bioenergy plants. Ørsted is the first energy company in the world with a science-based net-zero emissions target as validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. As the world’s most sustainable energy company and a recognised global leader on climate action, Ørsted is committed to making a significant contribution towards the transition to a low-carbon future and consequently to helping Ireland to achieve its ambitious climate targets
With rising energy costs becoming a major issue for people in Ireland throughout their day-to-day lives, there are clear benefits to be seen in the development of an indigenous renewable energy resource, like here in Kilgarvan. This helps to secure Ireland’s independent future, by reducing our reliance on volatile and costly energy imports. Ørsted is further committed to contributing to this development and helping Ireland to position itself as a modern, low-carbon country powered by a secure, local energy generation network.


At Ørsted, we believe that local communities should directly benefit from having a wind farm in their area.